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Consultancy :

One of the biggest challenges faced while assessing the IT requirement of a business organization is how to protect and secure the business data. This has to be suggested and done in a manner so that the business information is secure , confidential and available.

RSPL’s Consultancy services addresses all aspects of information security and business continuity both at technical and management levels. Our Consultants advise clients in attaining their business objectives by assessing client's IT infrastructure and/or business operations in totality.


Information Security Analysis:


RSPL Consultants examine key enterprise-wide information assets, the specific threats to those assets, the resulting security requirements, existing security practices, and potential vulnerabilities.

To Assess Infrastructure Vulnerabilities. RSPL Consultants evaluate the main components of each client’s information infrastructure and collect possible technology flaws that may be exploited.

Based on these finding RSPL Consultants work with management to design effective Security and protection strategy that meets organizational requirements for mitigating risk.  All efforts are made by our consultant to reconfigure the existing components and systems and without adding any new components, to the extent possible.

Security Design and Technology :

Based on security analysis of a organization we design a security strategy which focuses on the following

  • Network management
  • Virus management
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Compliance with security policy

At RSPL we help our clients define, achieve, and maintain enterprise-specific information security goals. Our Security Consultants understand the need to keep pace with technology and take advantage latest technological innovation.

RSPL is a trusted mentor for developing client oriented comprehensive information security strategies. Our Security design are client-based, reflecting their individual needs, business patterns that are unique to each enterprise.

Security Strategy and Planning :  

RSPL determines your organization’s security status. Create drafts to show the steps needed to move from reactive and/or fragmented to proactive and/or unified practices

We work with each client to develop  proactive, comprehensive security process focused on organization-specific needs.

Security policy that is developed could include : top
  • Clearly Defining information security standards that needs to be placed.
  • Mentioning specific security requirements, such as compliance with legislative and contractual requirements, detection, and prevention
  • Standards for ensuring business continuity and disaster recovery,
  • Incident management and maintenance of complete security policy documentation
  • Assess current IT strategy and security concerns, and analyze future requirements for security management.

RSPL works with each client to design and develop an effective security policy. Security involves people as well as systems. RSPL delivers security policy documents for management to use in meeting both industry-wide and client-specific security practices.

We through our consultation enable clients to make information management decisions and develop effective security policies. By providing clear security policies for management, IT admin and operational staff we ensure critical controls and protection for each enterprise.