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Services :
RSPL offers the following core services :
Security Assessment and Risk mitigation
Technology Deployment and System Integration
Networking and  Network infrastructure services
Managed Services
Security Assessment and Risk mitigation Risk
  Before RSPL can suggest an effective security solution, we must study your organization’s current level of IT security structure. Our assessment services obtain information about the condition of your network and physical security systems, as well as your organization’s compliance with your stated security policies. Based on the result of our assessment, solution space is defined to prioritize and allocate security resources.
  Using a variety of standard techniques, we check for vulnerabilities and threats. The technical study is conducted at granular level of OS, Database and network object level and all security polices are designed based on the industry standard and best practices. 
  Threats consist of people, events, or situations that can damage the availability, integrity, or confidentiality of your information assets. Vulnerabilities are weaknesses in systems that can be exploited
  Attacks on enterprise networks are increasing at an unprecedented rate. Attacks are no longer measured by the number of events per week, but by the number of events that occur simultaneously
  To protect our customers as well as their business investments, we provide consultative assistance for enforcing and maintaining policies, thus ensuring that no loopholes are left unplugged and the systems are ready to react quickly if attacked.
  Services offered by us at this level can include : top
  • Network architecture review
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Firewall analysis
  • Internal and external threat analysis
  • Analysis of patch levels and known host security issues
  • Proper configuration of security controls
  • Audit trail analysis
  Vulnerabilities and threats detected, the possible implications they pose to your organization, strategies for preventing future problems, and recommendations for correcting existing problems.
  Security Assessment and Risk Mitigation service can help you reduce network vulnerabilities, prevent attacks, and mitigate the disruptions they cause.
Technology Deployment and System Integration deployement
  RSPL , Lucknow coordinates and interacts with your internal IT staff and any outside consultants to deploy your Network , Storage and Security solution. Depending on the scope of the change and associated risks, piloting and operational testing may be performed.
  We have a team of experienced project managers, network ,storage and security architects that help facilitate system integration process and thus decrease your deployment time. Once the solution is deployed and/or integrated we ensure that your staff receives the correct training needed to understand and maintain the systems and technologies in place.
  Our technical consultants are experts at implementing :
  • Proxy and packet-filtering firewall's
  • Anti-Virus Solutions
  • Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSs)
  • E-mail Security
  • Content Security
  • Storage solution
  • Data recovery
  • Networking and network infrastructure
  • Network Monitoring
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  Deliverables for deployment services vary with each project, but they often include detailed operations guides for your new systems, security and operations training for your staff, and ongoing support for additional deployment requirement.
Networking and Network infrastructure services
  RSPL, Lucknow  provides networking and network infrastructure solutions, we work closely with our client to identify their network infrastructure needs based on our study we present them with best solution suitable for their organization ,once a design for network infrastructure is finalized we facilitate the following to move the solution into production.
  • Identification of Rack Space allocation for Server / Switch/ Appliance
  • LAN construction services
  • Setup and configure Server / Switch/ Appliance
  • Testing and  Monitoring of Server / Switch/ Appliance
  • Move the solution into production
  • Handover the solution to the customer
  We have end-to-end expertise and experience in managing such projects right through ideation to fructification. All engagements are undertaken as a partnership, working with the client to establish an understanding of the business needs and requirements and thereafter providing the best means to achieve them.
Managed Services  
  After studying your network, suggesting and implementing the right solution for your organization, we also provide you the trained certified manpower on 24x7 basis to help you manage the whole solution.
We have excellent team of certified and trained personnel on the following technologies.
  • Enterprise Anti virus Solutions
  • Firewall Management
  • VPN Expert
  • Intrusion Detection Expert
  • Intrusion Prevention Expert
  • Access Control Expert
  • Networking experts
  Vendor Specific Certified Personnel :  
  • Cisco
  • Microsoft
  • Red hat
  • Trend Micro
  RSPL, Lucknow with its vast experience and expertise, provides the company the strength to offer innovative, quality and effective solutions to all sectors of government, private enterprise, academia and nongovernmental organizations top